English Department


1) Teaching Staff:

Stephan Becker, M.A., StR  D/ E

Jennifer Häuser, OStRin E/Soz

Hannes Kraus, StD, E/Sport, (Fachbetreuer)

Maria Kranzmaier, OStRin E/Wi

Alexander Petzenhauser , StD E/Wi

Günther Schreiber LAss E/Wi



2) A survey:


3) Focus:

Business English: Writing Business letter (Enquiries, Offers, Applications,
Complaints, Orders)


Taking part in meetings

Business Vocabulary

General Language Skills: Substantial Grammar

Regional Studies

Working on texts (acquiring background knowledge)

Oral exam: Intense training for the oral exam focusing on different topics

(e.g. school, environment, freetime activities, jobs, advertising …)

Expressing one’s opinion (agreeing and disagreeing, making
suggestions, etc.)

4.) Test and school exams:

In order to improve our performance we have come back to the former “Schulaufgaben” in grades in grades 7 and 8 after long and extensive discussions.

5) Books:

Due to the lack of  a book especially conceived for the “Wirtschaftsschule” we use  “Go Ahead” series 7-10 which provide us with the necessary grammar and enough material for working on texts and extending our general knowledge.

In addition to this we use “Mail For You” which covers a wide range of business letters and the corresponding vocabulary in grades 9, 10Z, 10, 11Z.

6) Lectures in grade 8:

To improve oral skills at a relatively early stage, students are expected to hold a short lecture on a topic of their own choice (5 – 8 min) and to provide information material. Similar activities are performed in other subjects such as German and History in order to practise the ability of speeking freely in front of an audience only using prompt cards or short notes.